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Having hi-vis workwear is extremely important if you work in the construction industry, security, warehousing, emergency services, car parks attendants etc. For many job's you must legally wear the correct certificated hi-vis garments to increase your visibility. It can be very dangerous, especially when working at night to not wear hi vis, so we have a huge range of top quality, price effective hi vis workwear to help provide you with safety in your workplace.

  1. Hi-Vis Vests
    Hi-Vis Vests
    Essential hi-vis workwear ideal for everyday use in a wide range of environments
    As low as: £0.95
  2. Hi-Vis Jackets
    Hi-Vis Jackets
    Waterproof and softshell jackets ideal for work in wet and cool conditions
    As low as: £9.60
  3. Hi-Vis Trousers & Shorts
    Hi-Vis Trousers & Shorts
    A range of mens and ladies trousers and shorts
    As low as: £7.55
  4. Hi-Vis T-Shirts
    Hi-Vis T-Shirts
    An essential item for everyday use in bright highly visible colours
    As low as: £6.95
  5. Hi-Vis Polo Shirts
    Hi-Vis Polo Shirts
    Give yourself a smart casual appearance that stands out in the workplace
    As low as: £6.95
  6. Hi-Vis Sweatshirts & Hoodies
    Hi-Vis Sweatshirts & Hoodies
    Comfortable everyday clothing, offer great freedom of movement
    As low as: £13.35
  7. Hi-Vis Bodywarmers
    Hi-Vis Bodywarmers
    Essential hi-vis, ideal for adding an extra layer in cooler environments
    As low as: £13.95
  8. Hi-Vis Coveralls
    Hi-Vis Coveralls
    Complete comfort and protection during the work day
    As low as: £47.35
  9. Hi-Vis Hats
    Hi-Vis Hats
    Soft touch knitted hi-vis hats ideal for work in cooler environments
    As low as: £2.00
  10. Hi-Vis Armbands
    Hi-Vis Armbands
    Durable hi-vis armbands made from waterproof bright coloured fabric
    As low as: £17.95
  11. Pre-Printed Hi-Vis Vests
    Pre-Printed Hi-Vis Vests
    To ensure that people of importance are easily identifiable
    As low as: £2.95

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